My works are now exhibited in Tronheim.

At Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum. National Museum of Decorative Arts and design.




OPENED 07.10.2023 until 31.12.2024


ART FESTIVAL 2023 in Bergen and the Bergen Area. B-OPEN


B-OPEN 23.-24.09.23

Øygarden, Norway 2023


With The Little Panthers Sherpa Path

2022-23 and onwards. Opened.On       going Landart project.

These are The Unfinished Two Little Blue Coral Panthers from exhibition " Fabula" in Bergen 2015, that were "living" in my studio until 2021, in a sudden lack of clay at the time in 2015. But now are being used in this project. They conjure enchanting projects,and are in glazed porcelain.                     



I have had huge problems with my homepage all spring,summer and autumn 2023.

New layout and updates have not been possible. And we are still working on solving them.





Please note the rampant lion above, wich I love, and that has been a great support earlier years as well. AND I do love vessels, and working with the VESSEL theme regarding ceramics. And I WILL travel with my Norwegain Cafts in one.


I may also add


IAC, NGO in official partnership with UNESCO 

My membership in the international organization of Ceramics in Geneva.


But at the moment.

While working on my shapes, I`been busy also taking care of my old works, that have had to be saved from

old rotting europallets in our basement. Huge and very messy jobb.Leaving me with large wooden " towers". It all ended in large bonfires. These pallets have been touring many places. Containing art. From Alta in the Northern part of Norway to Southern and Central Europe. So now I can acctually se my old works again :).

Fossile Excavation Land art made by hand.

The " Panther Path" 2022. Øygarden. Norway.

To be climbed all the way up the small hill to the top towards the sky and the moorlands.By little paws.

Art project meant for B-OPEN 2022. With panther/cat figures along the path. Built from the 14 th of June to the opening day of B-OPEN the 18 th of September 2022.


Tarjei loves his new " Panther Path", but is not to happy about the weather with sudden rain. He does not like to take a shower, nor to have a funny " hairdo" caused by it. A loving boy in his summer coat with a sudden grumpy expression. Suspecting more rain and less sunbasking.

I had planned and worked towards B-OPEN 2022, since January. First inside the fish hall, taking out older works that have been inside their old  rotting traveling boxes of euro pallets. Works that have not been shown in over 10 years. Some after an exhibition in Linz, Austria. Hard work. Then I have been working with the rebraid clay from the breakin disaster from 2018 ( 15 handbuilt porcelain module pieces to the floor in a hunt for intruders to our house and area. Then I started on my LAND ART PROJECT. " The Panther Path " on the back side of our house. That trigged a whole lot of unpleasant attention and behaviour from those neighboring persons/families etc, that have destroyed years of our lives and work. So we decided toghether with B-OPEN, that this would also put the B-Open art festival vistitors at risk in many ways. So we decided in agreement with B-OPEN, to cancel my participation. We are all so sad about this.  Sadly this is the result of some local persons.

We have been given the rights from  B-OPEN 2022, to hand over to the Police in Øygarden, documents we have in from 2020 up until now.


After having built a Panther Path to be finnished and opened for THIS YEARS B-OPEN ART FESTIVAL 2022, a landart project and gift to our cats and ourselves behind the house all summer I have finnaly been on a studytrip. Above sea level, but still with my underwater camera. I prepared the panther path plans for an outdoor exhibition. I took a break and we went to Bjørneparken in Flå. Vassfaret. HURRAY , GREAT.

As a child I grew up with my fathers fascination of the place and the famous bear RUGG. He was a real bear, but also a wonderful nature novel written by Mikkel Fønhus. My father read the whole book to me as a child, and we have a documentary book about Vassfaret and RUGG. But in addition to the bears, Bjørneparken in Vassfaret is also part of a concervation plan for protecting the Amur Leopards. They moved to Norway 2020. I am also a great fan of Luna the Panthera. A black Amur Leopard living in Siberia with her Rottweiler. We had to go :) .

Here also a long wished for sight. The Norwegian lynx. Wonderful.


               Coming         UP                  


        THE FISHERY MUSEUM 2022       

     A   n   d       Comedia del  Arte

                   live at                   

         MY       FISHERY     MUSEUM           SOMETHING FISHY is GOING ON


The cats new sherpa "trail". We do not expect snow leopards,leopards, tigers or Pallas cats. Just someone smaller and familiar ones, acting like they are one :) .


I have been doing some land art this summer. And excavated some fossile layers of clay and minerals. An other version of ceramics.

And behind the house and my studio it is a tiny source, where small birds drink water if I put a cup underneath the waterstream

These are gifts from our otters, and some collected from their favorite area

Otter gifts with streaming water from the source and small pond.Patellidae molluscs the otters put onto our dockside.

Parts of my porcelain cup from 2018. A project that was strongly desturbed by our living and working situation. It is from some sketches called Konkylie Beger-Conch Cup, that I made as a student in a porcelain design project at KHIB in 1992 . Now changing into other versions of projects.Here one has been adorned almost like into a fish mask with the remains of 2 Atlantic pollocks that I fished and we enjoyed with our cats.A.Pollocks have beautifully sculptured fish bones, and is a wonderul fish.

I went out in my rowing boat for photos, and floating in the seaweed,

the remains of a what might be the cuttlefish Sepia. We have squid in the area, but this resembles Sepia. In fact I have often been drawing with sepia ink.I work with squids,cuttlehish and nautilus. So that has gone into my pop up studio collection as well.Though I prefer them alive.

" Grotto Smeraldo " and my white porcelain shape that lights up like a strange thing among all the green colors gazing at its own refelection in emerald water.

          An inspirational excrusion

And this spring we had these beauties turning up in the cats jungle.Like in an old baroque still lifes.

Google our spot. Take a look across the O- Sundet strait, google their names, actions, befriended ones ..... . Easy. Well  you`re there:)  WE HAVE BEEN USED and ABUSED AS GAME for those

people, in a version of a man/ female hunt for PLEASURE and a version of their ENTERTAINMENT when all their streamings were uneventfull, and even we were " QUOTE" one of them " BORING ................... " By the way she is going to look after someones children !


                      My salary.

My two new freediving fins that hopefully lead to new adventures in salty waters. And into new projects. Exploring in ceramic shapes.  At the moment in the cold waters of the western coast of Norway.

While our cat Uredde Ulrik Hutten Tutten Lille Sjaluppen, is waiting for his freshly chaught fish to arrive as a snack :) . NO DOUBT about that . By the look of his very serious awaiting gaze.




The Magical Blue Coral Panthers


And a boat and persons that should not be on this spot :)


The Magical Blue Coral Panthers

2015-22 with some added sketches from 2018, from a tragically destroyed porcelain eroject in 15 parts.


1990. Dragesmuget 3, first floor then third floor, in Bergen. Norway. With basement studios in Dragesmuget 6 and 3. 1990-2003.



Freedive Linda Paganelli ITA 70 m

   Please follow and enjoy my freedivers  link to beautiful Sinai                                                             



Linda Paganelli Freedive Dhab Sinai


Frediving Ras Mohamed

Freediving In A Cloud Of Trevallies - Ras Mohamed



But maybe this is more for you.

A historical , geological , oceanic nature hicke.

in BEAUTIFUL Ormhilleren in Norway

These photos have been taken from the home page of our very own

They are just wonderful. I am so sorry that at the moment our computer is not easy today.


But this freediver`s club is above, and above sea level. And not in Sinai free diving area. Though I have bought myself some new Sprint freediving fins

from Cressi.To the contrary, this is in a more cold climat, in Norway.

All the deidcated ones that came, along with my family behind you in a car, impressed us forever. Thank you all.

Such a wonderful group of people.

Thank you so very much for your impressive greatness in being there.

All of you.How wonderfully inspiering, and all new.

Photos are taken from Avduking av blå korall på Ormhilleren

Lytt til teksten

I øsande, pøsande Øygardshøstvær møtte om lag 40 ivrige turgåarar til guida tur med avduking av kunstverket Blå korall som avslutning. Kunstverket er utforma av kunstnar og keramikar Helene Kortner og ligg heilt nede ved sjøkanten i Ormhilleren friluftsområde, som blir forvalta av Bergen og Omland Friluftsråd, og gir ein ny oppleving i dette populære turområde.


I am honnored and grateful to the Jury of the 14 AIC-IAC Council members,  to have been chosen as an individual artist to become a new member of





Musèe Ariana



Parteniare de l`Unesco

Link to the homepage AIC in Geneva :

New members and members

Link :

Helene Kortner




Rowing in Hjeltefjorden

ORMHILLEREN 2021. Øygarden.

The North Sea, Norway.

Hjeltefjorden an inspirational rowing, diving and fishing trip 2021


Waiting for departure down in the Fishhall before moving into the tides of

the North Sea.


        And YES We do have Trolls in Norway :). Even little dragons. At least I seem to               meet them while working.

                   They tend to pop up.                

A "Trollsk" experiment.Clay with a dark wig 2021.

Blå Korall








A  new welcoming at Ormhillaren today, that needed a bit of a saving. An unborn small -spotted cat shark fetus loosely entangeled on some sea weed  branch stuck onto an old plastic rope. That might just be easely be thrown away. I carefully let it back into the parts of the seaweed that I parted from the rope. We hope he or she will thrive securly during  the tides of the little  secluded bay among the blue corals, until the great escape into the North Sea. We`ve seen and dived with sharks, but never met this first step of a small shark`s beginning it`s way in real life.

I am so proud that this appears around Blue Coral 2021 in Øygarden in Norway.

Needless to say :) . This has been an interest of almost a lifetime.

Smallspotted Catshark growing.


Blå Korall. Blue Coral .

More will follow.


Back home down in the Fishing hall.

The cats fish ( and our wild otters, +birds). A bycatch/wrong perfect export quality ,given from our fisherman friend going back almost 20 years now. Beautiful mackerel among the Blue Corals.



Perler Langs Norsjøløypa

Pearls Along The North Sea Trail






A commission made for


Thank you so much for entrusting me and us both and by that making this project possible. And for being so brave,engaged and supportive.

My "wunderkammer" collection gone wild.

An inspirational reversed movement.

Into and onto the shores on the west coast of Norway.

They have made a marvelous journey to come and play the tides, the movements of the sea, the lights, the changing weathers. Standing underneath the bright white moon shining from above, inbetween softly colored and shaped clouds, moving quietly in silence greeting distant bright stars. Sunbathe in the clear warm sunrays reflecting and striking their surfaces, mirroing the movments from the place they have been centered in. Meet and give shelter to the living creatures that surround them, feel the rise of the incoming entering soft foaming salty waves. With the sea bringing in and giving away to a much larger wholness outside the enclosed little bay, and join the forces of natures very own GREAT WUNDERKAMMER. THE NORTH SEA.


The Blå Korall-Blue Coral 2021 works crossing of the bay in " stormy" weather, under the moonlight and in rough shallow waters. An expedition with my 2 flyfish rubber rowing "boats". The Vessels are Sun Club Tropicana 100 Ormhilleren I and II. Tropicana I punctured, and needs repair.


Making it to across the bay, and  to their new home.




And thank you so very much to



That made this expedition possible due to a lot of help and kindness.

Also thanks to his wife providing us with fantastic spring rolls to enjoy and share.





               Ekspedisjon Blå Koral- Expedition Blue Coral

                                      Ormhilleren 2021

                        Med gummibåt - with a mini ship :)

                             Sun Club Tropicana 100

                              Ormhilleren I . Øygarden

               From Explorers Club in the mini art studio La Barca,                                       O-Sundet. Øygarden,Norway

Project Blå Korall-Blue Coral 2021

Perler langs Norsjøløypa.


Øygarden Kommune, Bergen og Omegn Turlag. Vestland Fylke.

Handbuilt glazed stoneware.





In Øygarden






These two Magical Blue Coral Panthers 2015-2021, have a very strange history.

They were built for the exhibition FABULA at KRAFT in Bergen in 2015.

But in lack of more porcelain, they dried up and have been standing in my studio upstairs for many years. And since I didn`t have the heart to recycle them, they have been placed inside my studio room in different places since 2015.


This studio is on the first floor away from anyone. That photo among several others have been taken from far away on the other side  OUTSIDE OUR HOUSE AND INTO OUR WORKING PLACE and HOME.


These two cute blue coral phanther cats, seem to have made themselves some kind of selfies by the way.

Which never ever will happen by us. We are against it, and do not do that.


Some older "stuff", and the computer does not want to turn some images at the moment.


1991 Female nude, Bergen. Clay.        1991-92  Male portrait,Bergen. Clay.

1994. Borgestad Fabrikker/ Fabric, Skien in Norway. Ceramics, fiered at 1300 degrees.The Castle MA Project. Now land art for children to play

in. Søreide , Bergen.


Male nude Bergen 1992. Clay.


This is a much sweeter history. One of My works at the EXHIBITION " GJENSYN MED " at KUNSTSILOEN  in Kristiansand from THE OPENING EXHIBITION 2021, has become a favorite object to be cuddeled with by an eager small chil. So now it has a plate, with DO NOT TOUCH, after having been washed. I was told it was cuddeled with in great joy, and we take it as a compliment.



KORALL/CORAL and the Magical Blue Coral Panthers


Finally my husband managed to find my precious Norwegian diploma award prize from 2007, that was waiting for a new frame in his out of our cats reach office. It fell off the wall, and was carefully stored in his own chaotich"non" system. Now it is reframed and to be enjoyed with a cappucciono in my pop up La Barca studio, that is acctually placed on the very spot where I took the photo back then. And the one for the Austrian award.

It is to large for the scann, and I may have left a salty fingerprint on the camera.

In Loco, 4 from The Nordic Countries.

Risør Kunsforening 1998

Older photos scanned.

Photo taken by Even Kortner 1998.






Irene Nordli / Kjell Nupen / Alfred Emil Andersen / Olaf Isaachsen / Sigurd Danifer / Amaldus Nielsen / Johanna Siqveland / Johan Martin Nielssen / Edvard Vigebo / Rolf W. Syrdahl / Kåre Tveit / Marcelius Førland / Olaf Hasaas / Alf Krogh Holt / Atle Urdal / Tønnes Omland / Adolph Tidemand / Christian Krohg / Severin Grande / Dea Trier Mørch / Edvard Munch / Johan Christian Castberg / Hedevig Thorine Christine Lund / Gladys Florence Raknerud / Erlend Leirdal / Børre Larsen / Rigmor Hansen / Elsie-Ann Hochlin / Gro Jessen / Torbjørn Kvasbø / Grete Nash / Marius Martinussen / Anlaug Jakobsen / Svein Rønning / Bente Knudsen Sanden / Kari Stiansen / Talleiv Taro Manum / Eirik Gjedrem / Eline Mugaas / Hedevig Lund / John Roger Holte / Arne Bendik Sjur / Tormod Ropstad / Morten Viskum / Leonard Rickhard / Jack Carrig / William Morris / Keith Sanzenbach / Michael Bowen / Arthur Richer / Leo Valledor / Joseph St. Armand / Jonas Ib. F. H. Jensen / Jo Ravn Abusland / Tori Wrånes / Lars Morell / Signe Solberg / Agnete Erichsen / Linn Pedersen / Marte Gunnufsen / Evelyn Scobie / Løvaas & Wagle / Elisabeth Haarr / Else Marie Jakobsen / Ann Cathrin November Høibo / Johan Furåker og Ditte Ejlerskov / Inger Johanne Rasmussen / Astrid Sleire / Grete Nash / Lise Schønberg / Richard Hirsch / Gunilla Maria Åkesson / Warren MackKenzie / Marthe Elise Stramrud / Helene Kortner / John Skognes / Espen Gleditsch / Per Barclay


                                               B-OPEN 2021      

                  The Cat`s Fish Bazar




Luckily I have managed to find some older photos going back to 1992.

Of some different projects, so meanwhile I rebuild I may put older pics onto the pages now and then. I still hope to find those from my workshops in Sweden. We`ll se.



This is an old mask from Piccolo Teatro 2002, that fell off it`s larger main shape at the time, having had a small air bubble underneath the glaze where it was attached. I may also rebuild this one into some other work :).

Underneath my mini studio, it looks almost like a coral reef when the light comes in at a certain angle.



                          The Rebuild

   In 2018( + before and after)we had a lot of peeping toms and illegal entries to our place and around my studio.Even drones.On one occasion I ran after to catch them, on my way the sleves of my work suit hooked up onto the figures, and they all fell to the ground like dominos. 15 pieces of moduled handbuilt porcelain figures, ready to be worked into details and figures into cascade like works built up by shapes of oceanic or alpine origin. Coming up of and growing into eachother. They fell to the ground in a semi dry state and were destroyed by inner fractures, not to be saved. This was the work well over 1/2 a year. I let them dry and later we made a documentation,throwing them into fish buckets while we knew those responsible looked at our spotlighted actions. I did not work with that there again, and the broken pieces have been standing in my old working place like a sculpture garve yeard for almost 4 years. Now I have added water into the crused bits and made them into new porcelain clay, and slowly build new sculptures of it all. This among other things was called into the police. Those people responsible in varied ways, we all know who are, saw where they returned, and that they live on an opposite island.Doing all sorts, including a break in to our old car for some strange reason, arriving by motorcross bikes without signsplates on so that the photo ID, cold not be taken and used by the police . Case not closed.             



We have had a lot of this several times, peeping tom/s, lurking onto our windows. Leaning against, with lots of fingermarks on the glas.It seems by the shadow we saw, taking mobil photos for sharing. Again, we know who this is and it has been reported in together with other cases.

I am rebuilding recycled porcelain after the cathastrophy from 2018, caused by the situation where we live. So all the porcelain of 15 handbuilt pieces from the destroyed sculptures of shells, fish, seahorses and nautiluses have been devided into bits and pieces and put into these large fish buckets and then stored since 2018 as a horrific memory. Now finally kneaded into new large lumps of porcelain, ready to be rebuilt as a new project. This has been like a horror movie, and the now emptied fish buckets will remain standing outside our house until the new project of handbuilt porcelain sculptures are finnished and fired, ready for exhibitions. As a horroible memento  and documentation of the actions caused by these local problems and persons/families.






Traunsee and Traunstein

photos Tanja Estermann

All rights belong to the artist and BONO in Norway. Or concerning the Gemunden, Linz, Wien, Graz , the Austrian  links ( ORF), Tanja Esterman (AT). Austria. In Milan , Italy( IT),  the photos are linked.

And yes that is me in one of the old working suits found in our old fish reception building going back to the 80thiees. I have cut off the sleves and later on the leggs , but I use them all the time at work. In China I had to give some away to the Swedes, as a souvenir from Øygarden in Norway. Very sweet. Now I have only a very few left. One my swedish ceramic artist friends also have an interior given from ABBA and the Polar Studio  :) . I think that make sense to me. Him walking around in all his ABBA stuff in a dress with H- 77 from this place in Øygarden in Norway.

Some of our cats can even " sing" to ABBA songs. 

On the back it is written a very important code.

H - 77. Made by nature. The Perfect size of exporting mackerel.

A pelagic fish I often freedive among. I only have a few dresses left from that time to work in.

I hope they can come up with some more. The fish is in itself is a beauty, and one of a preferable fishmeals to us and the cats.








Sadly this page has had several breaks during 2017-2018-2019 because of the experiences we have had where we have worked and lived for  18 years. It has been restored many times. Therfore photos are not presentet like they used to. Lost in backups. After 16 years of serving as my professional page showing work nationally and internationally. Projects have been interupted and destroyed as a direct result of this situation by these people and their connetions with events going back in time to when we moved here in 2003.

The page will be updated up on events in Norway and abroad . Work will take place and be updated within the media forum of that particular project.

Projects prepared for this place have been taken off earlier years as a direct result. Cancelled projects are many up until now, in addition to invitationals from Norway and abroad,  and in different ways caused by these connections of families,buisness partners, "rough" reale estate developers, builders,former local politicians connected to these. Ploughing their fields for a joint adventure :(

. Many rightfully appoints,who will cower the costs and damages. The loss of time can not be restored . These matters have developed and increased in recent years. Perhaps caused by the change of inhabitants into the area, with connections and developing projects . My work and effort until now through 18 years, has often been in spite of, not a because of.

But things may now take a new turn and change it seems.

Up dates will come.


Welcome to the ceramic art of



KRAFT Gallery, Bergen 2017.




Art Happens


Almost like a ship with with a strange museum collection of fish and nautiluses as a cargo .

The Vessel Collection 2017.


And then they have moved into

The Fish Bazar




Nautiluses and the kissing fishes.

La Perla Barocca 2017, and sadly the first project that suffered from our unhappy events. The clay hides it`s behavior until the second fire. So the clay body separated  inside during the drying process, and then it appared in the second fire after glazing. This clay needs to be built in a special way. No pauses, but I had to build a fence outside my own old studio, to prevent intruders on to our windows again and to cower up the insight in that working area. These were meant for the larger room at KRAFT 2017 and more works in several pieces.



Fa vedere , meaning make visible

This photo is cut.

While working and taking pictures outside my studio close to the wall, 2 legs of a man appeared before the camera,  standing above me, refusing to leave not answering or greeting. This is from an other angle, but I even have the feet on an other photo.My husband had to be called. This is during a deadline and straight into our house and my work.

And of course those people appeared again.

The rampant lions 2019, now only exist on my photos on this page and is my copy right. I had to grind away and paint them over because of these horrible local people ( families,with their connections). How sad. They were only made as a rather quickly out door mural indicating the entrance to the plans of our show room - gallery. Our working place.

A photo from Gmunden as a jurymember of the Symposium.

The Czech participant have had to be faded a bit, since I have not asked about photo permission .

But this has been important places to make my work. Still being inspiered by my feeling of impressions, coming from my working journeys to the centre of Europe and Italy.

As a cultural meeting point coming from the surroundings of the north, the east, the south and the west. Most of my work after this trip has it`s soursce coming from  these travels in some way. And is added to my Italian style or the freediving trips to Egypt. Bordering Italy, Germany , Bohemia , Hungary, Slavic countries etc.

i can connect all this into projects. Even my oceanic fabels, being inspired by the museum collections that precents them in a manner that enhance the expressions I search for. Though I myself live directly near the sea. It cicks back into the natural world I am surrounded by where I work.Like fairytalelike fables with poetic connections.


My studio and showroom that I cleaned up, sadly now without its` rampant lions, that obviously became to much for someone. in Bergen I had seahorses as an entrance without any problems.

This is Fabula. Project 2015.

A baroque vessel project. With coral jars, seadragons and octopussy jars, and rampant lions.


We Wish You All a


Shapes celebrating and having a New Year`s disco party in my studio wishing you all a NEW and HAPPY YEAR for the future to come.

Hand built stoneware for little Uredd ( Ulysses or Ulrikk, his name has not been conclusively decided )to sleep and play in and among.


Our wonderful Norwegian Forest Cat kitty boy at almost  5 1/5 months, (N) Myrtekransen`s Uredd NFO n 23 and all dressed up and he WISHES YOU ALL A MERRY CHRISTMAS


And, YES he`s a bit old fashioned in type when it comes to the the cat`s catwalk. Just  read his pedigree.


Not a nice day for making Christmas kitty photos and WITH A HAT ON, no way . Faboluos kitty Uredd.

Just a short while ago, being born on the 14 th July, having been this gorgeous little kitty boy.

Our  wonderful kitty boy Uredd. Already doing gymnastics around and into my ceramic shapes, or he sleeps inside of them.

Fiorenza and the snowflakes


Slode catching snow flakes

Gregorius catching and eating snowflakes

Gmunden. Austria

Sadly I  cannot find my photos from China Fuping Art Village, Xian and Beijing, from the first time in Gmunden, Linz or Wien in Austria, South Bohemia with Pilzen, nor Italy / Milan.

But at least some from my other working periods in Austria

But mean time I found some other pics to put in now and then.

Our big guy, silver tiger Maximus with Huriel flirting 2013.


This catrun that I built in  2012, is no longer, the hurricane Nina blew it off, and I had do recycle and build an other version.

I have pics of that. Looked like it had been bombed. Sadly Maximus was found hit by a car in 2014 when the hurricane stared. So these are

strange and sad memories of our last days late November in the first snow 2013. We have always wondered, he was found in his " male " dipers.

His large silversmoke panther dad Gregorius

at 6 years sunbathing in his cat`s cafe summer 2016

purring beauties

And Gregorius grandson by Mouna, the nephew of Maximus, Little Tarjei as a velvety thick little baby at one week June 2017.


A very young Tarjei as a youngster 2017

Tarjei loves to go fishing and to eat raw fish straight out of the sea when I catch them.

Tarjei`s daddy Isak, much perfer a warm soft place. Soft stuffed animals are nice or a sheeps fleece.

Fish please

One of my favorite flowers. Øygarden, outside Bergen.

I have just received a new

Art Scholarship 2020, from the new muncipality of Øygarden.

That will be part of a new kiln and is great news.

It makes me proud to be one of the first ones to receive this new scholarship of art within the new muncipality.


I`ve attended the Art Festival

B-OPEN , Bergen Open 2020

for the FIRST time.



On my way to Vealøs while doing the In Spe exhibition. A wonderful favorite riding and hiking area in my hometown Skien for many years since childhood.

Beautiful Porsgrunn,where I was born, and have been to  like my hometown.


Eidanger, Telemark. Vissvaag. A special place. Our mothers old family background. Now at the delight of





And Kapfenberg, Graz and Wien

Hiking in Schlossberg in Kapfenberg , a path that was acctually closed due to the weather of the season.


A strange fellow turning up in Graz, keeping me company. They are well known and quite old I think.

This venetian mask, was once in Wien, but is now in fact on my studio wall in Øygarden,  Norway.


These Viennese African big cats, are still in Wien though. I have my own in a more suitable size. Different colors and patterns.

I did not meet her on my way up Schlossberg

Funny figure stuck in the window frame. Maybe a turkish solder,Janissary?, from the Great Turkish War.

Schlossburg Kapfenberg. Sports Hotel and the Burg.

One of my favorite flowers from the area. Angels Trumpets. I saw them everywhere in Tsjekkia also. And Graz finnishing a great autumn festival.

Classic situation this one. I met them again and again around Graz.

On the other side of the bay, a favorite place to go for a walk when I went to Grenland Folk High School, studing ceramics and drawing in 1983.


Gmunden. Austria.


This fantastic boat also with a lion`s coat of arms on it, I am proud to have been test driving in the rough seas of the west coast. This is upon arrival and finally at it`s destination and new home some years ago. Having been tested by us through a storm down along the coast line from Bergen.                  


Goldner Brunnen. Gmunden . AT.

Seit 1545





B - OPEN 2020 


Some older sketches  and a background on the wall before the lions came into shape. This is just for fun and a reminder and falling a part being chipboard.

Atelier as

VISP Bergen


I had a test of opening the studio area placing some figures around. Sadly I have lost the photos during downloading, so new pics had to be taken. But the wather is not that nice. So fewer photos.

The some fish and nautilus went back into where they were bulit in 2017.

No travels, but a mini market with plastic boxes used for fish and shells that I have found in the house. They make out a mini market cafè.

The show room with a mixture of many things and figures.

Some older pics. The dragon jars.


A special glazing of a mask from earlier works. Refound pics to put in now and then or move about

depending on themes.




The Fools at play 2012

Masks, hearts turning into coral.



Vienna 2013 2 a cut

A bit harry potter this, an old sadle and velvet. Making interesting reflections. We`ll see if it can be used

in some way as a backdrop.

Coeur de Lion , Gmunden. AT.

The Mermaid`s Coral Bezoar.  Collection for Milan 2013.

Milano . Photo Giacomo Marcetti

What a view


Strange old stuff

The making of dragons




B-OPEN 2020


Photo owner of the linked gallery is Tanja Esterman ( AT ).

Yes , my two Austrian lions. Made without inner support. Built and shaped by the construction of one clay lump connected

to an other. Great fun, a lot of work, and a wonderful workshop.

There are 2 at least. They may be visited in museums in Gmunden. Austria.


Click on the photo. It is directly linked to Werkstatt fuer Keramik Gmunden in Austria.

All photos taken by Tanja Estermann.


Dear silver smoke Tarjei has a favorite thing to do. Waiting while I do the fishing, and sometimes it ends up

with him having the catch of the day. As one can see by the end of this series. His tummy filled up and

parts of it on to his face. I do a precise  and quick jobb, since I prefer tho see my fish friends alive beyond the surface.

The last time I made my own hand quite blue as well. But this kitty boy loves his fresly caught fish straight out of the salty waters.

And yes he has gorgeous emerald green eyes. And some very furry eartuffs that makes him look like a jungle monkey.

Tarjei sølv smoke panter 3 år Juni 2020



These pics are from a journey my works did. Crossing the Alps after a show in Milan, Italy. 2014.


This is NOT Norway, but the works being transported by my husband. I love it when they cross the Alps :). With him. Or preferably the both of us. ( by that meaning also an old cat with a passport, which in fact is 2 +++++...)





Some older " artifacts" . The first one along with a beautiful diploma, gave me my rowing boat with an outboard motor

and a boat trailer. The rowing boat we still have, it only need new rowing oars  to replace those damaged in a storm.

But I love these medals. When I received the first one and my first price in senior class ,though I could have been in the junior at the time, it felt like when I did

competetive gymnastics as a child. I never thought I would receive one for my art :) .

I got two of them, since I won a second time as well, but that was a different price having allready been given one :).

But I have those 2 reminders.




Pop up studio and a small show widow

Evening in Piccola Venezia

And a third beautiful diploma, with a crest and a rampant lion from Styria on it.

I have 2 more. One is the price I won in Norway, but the lions presented on that

diploma, I happened to have made myself. That is a large diploma, and I think it will fill the window space


An other little gift which I like very much. A porcelain spoon from Saltzkammergut shaped like Austria. Given after an ended workshop in Gmunden.

It comes with a lovely recipe, and this is of course from an area with fossile remains of the old ocean, and where salt was priced like gold. Hence the word salary.

We have salty water in the area with lovely fish and seafood.




Please note that images are lost in backups and has not been able to be replaced after all the trouble we have had.


An example of this is the Artemisa 2018-19 porcelain module sculpture installation project. Handbuilt porcelain in 3-4 parts slow art version. I only had to finnish the animal portrait details and ornaments on the clay body surface.

Local intruders or what ever the police prefer to call THEM, came on to our home again etc etc. I had to run after them, and of course in doing so, like domino parts the sculptures fell to the ground. These photos are of the reassebled more or less in shape versions after the fall. With their damaged parts to be used as documentation ahead.Now they have been crusched into bits and pieces, to be recycled into new coils of porcelain. It is all put into large fish buckets in my old studio, locking like a cemetary of broken sculptures. Not easy to mend as a happening. So, yes a horrible result of this VERY local harassment. Among many things they even tried a break in of some sort into our old car. We do know the origin of these people and different events connected to this.

In fact just a week ago, some of these connections came on to us while talking outside our house, and even broke the rules of the corona law. NOT keeping a distance, is in itself a police matter.

Artemisa 2018-19, destroyed unfinnished porcelain project due to this very local harassement. Many months of work, priceless ......... .

Not rebuilt.


Sadly recycling one of the many cracked and destroyed parts that was dried before crushing them into pieces to be recyceled.

Older works




Springtime is here with variations of weather.

This is an odd pic. Some years ago by the end of september we had a hurricane, that twisted our placewindow inside it`s frame.So we have tried to put it back inside on it`s place. But now the wind came strongly from the same direction along with a rise and fall in temperature. With both snow and rain, and it went straight down to the ground and broke on top of my old elephant. Made as a rough quickly modelled sketch in autumn 1993. The clay is made of Borgestad X-Masse, burnt solid with some oxydes to the surface to develope shades. We use it as a door holder so that the door does not slam when windy. It has been " guarding " the entrances to this place since 2003. The city centre of Bergen before that. So this old figure survived the blast of heavy glass, and is still on it`s place outside. Today without snow on it`s back, but keeping it`s greenery of moss and gras that covers the surface.

We need to mend the wall though.

Tough elephant made of though clay.

No sunshine, but beautiful buds though.


And we have a wonderful aquatic friend that owns this territory.

Has done so for ever maybe.

One of the worlds best freedivers. He or she or both, appear and

do gymnastics in the wather if one is lucky. They are buddies with our cats.

So, worth waiting for.

One of them even did a playfull watershow under the

light of the silver moon and the blinking stars. The cats amazed of course.

No pics of that, but what a memory.


Prepare to DIVE

This is from a test drive along the west coast, some years

ago. I`m driving parts of it. Sletta and Lista.

And then southwards along the coast, while taking photos.

Passing " Sletta " West Coast. Diving into waves.

This is not the horizon. It`s walls of waves down in the valley of waves.

A test drive of a fast rescue boat into slightly troubled waters before delivered to it`s rightful owners as an active working boat further down south looking after costal boarders.




Seadragons 2015



2018  and 2019. 5 x 70 cm. large porcelain pieces in three parts had to be destroyed to be recycled this time. They were ment for exhibtions. So 15 pices of handbuilt sculptured work into the trashcan.Thanks to bad experiences in the place we live in.

A rather expencive loss.Again.

Up in the air and into the trashcan 2018 .Oyster cup ,bottom part, dockside in the air on its way to being reshaped in the future .

Handbuilt sculptured porcelain piece from destroyed module project 2018. Sculptured instalation of 6 larger pieces,where 1 assembeled piece were consisting of shapes divided into 3  moduled parts. There were 6 of these assembled sculptures , sculptured into eachother balancing in 3 moduled parts.

Works and title will be resurrected like a phoenix, with documentation, it`s history and happenings attached to it.


These works are a result of falling to the ground like dominos during a chase after intruders to get info for the police.

Most of the porcelain in 15 parts can be recyceled, though the works were impossible to repair. Apart from 1 large fish bucket with porcelain that

was given different impurities, it will be recyceled into new works. A lot of work, effort and months /time destroyed and lost.



2017 Flower gift at the KRAFT Exhibition

KRAFT Gallery Bergen 2017 . One remaining intact shape coming out of this period of harassement, causing so much trouble and destruction.

They had inner fractures due to the working situation, that appear during high firing A beautiful and very special clay. To late to recycle.

Yes we have our own versions of peping toms and a flash light man around our house and working place.

This is only one of many times and snow prints :) .


Unfinished Nautilus and fish jars broken up and into the sea, caused by the destructive situation we`ve had.  These " smaller " figures were " heavily disturbed " during the working process.

Knowing how this clay is sensitive and it`s tecnknical behavior, they became part of a process for documentation only, and not given their final shape with details and glaze. Now they are lost time and a sad memory.

An other lost project.


Well, we`ve had a lot of harassment, and among it a break in by a " guy" on his black motorcross bike without a car sign in his black outfit, and we + know who. His buddy in a " white outfit on his way to my space. So ....... , and there is more to it. Police matters.

Late summer 2018.


Korall Sommer 2019- Coral summer, Cor-rallo

The working title is not yet set.


AND ........ I may start taking up painting again.

Not on the walls inside or around our house, but on canvas. I have built myself an easel to draw and paint on since my last one was stolen in Bergen during translocation.

2018 , preparing to clean up the showroom and photo room.

Starting to think about building myself a new easel, and preparing to make canvaces again.


Singing Coral shape


Cor-rallo Free Diving Club

Outside the new showroom. I have made the cats Art Cafe with some of my old lights, my old travel pallets and my ceramic dwars some times take part.



Our rather " famous" chatty Kolya ( MiniMini) is a real welcoming kitty boy, he is a bit like Puss in Boots in character.

And in 2015 I made fairytale hats for the cats to put them into pictures. Now they also have these little houses to charme visitors.

This is Kolya`s grandmother Calamity. Sadly she is no longer with us, but in loving memory.

For ever loved Santa Calamity Giovanna.

She had a special condition. We had hoped she`d live forever.Here she is dressed up adorned by 2 hussars I met in Graz 2013 and some nice

bling  objects from vienna

Here Kolya is again, a bit flirty with his girlfriend Huriel. I`ve started sketching fairytale cats while thinking.

Hot spicy sausage or gulash out in the fresh winter  air

Diana and the moon at ArtCafe. Diana has gone back to being a " godess of the forest and it`s animals" , she was a great hunter. And used to hunt among the deers in her forest. She passed the rainbow the 3 of August 2018 , and now make long giant leaps where ever she pleases.


Since the great cleaning up of the new showroom, small scale exhibitions of collections have been shown to invited persons /groups. Not for sale.

The room is a cool show room, needs electricity, a bit more work on it and more stuff to go out. But as a start up, quite inspiring for my work to come.

This is a showroom , and a studio to present or test out projects.


The table to the left has actually been on tour all around Norway. In a different color and many years ago, along with it`s second part.  Specially made

to present Il Piccolo Theatro, but now in a different setting.

The outdoor place is a nice way to get a break into fresh air during work, and it fits the new showroom as a meeting place  to invitet persons.

These little houses from eoropallets are for the cats mainly, but it keeps the rain /snow out of the cappuccino-tea or a snack.


  more to come


To be continued .......


My new very rough photo and project room



my old tea breake  place now changed

My working studio for almost 17 years now.

This is in 2015, like it has been for many years depending on how many

old light chains I have. Some go back to my old home and studio in Dragesmuget ( Dragons alley).

But ZWISHHHH ZWISHHH !!!! Because of trespassing and more, that had to change.

This is almost second floor,on our rooftop. But intruders have been

chaugt sighted in several ways.

2019 Now it has been turned into a sheltered place to work in peace.

My tea/ coffe/ fresh air place and the entrance to my " new " project room.

Roof has to be mended, being open and very nice to stargaze from on evenings, and it has a

nice light to photo shoot in during daytime.


This was in 2015 but had to be changed. Used to be a nice spot to look down into the sea, with fish and otters among the great emerald green sea colors and

ocean bed habitat.

This was my/our first place to take tea / coffe breaks and barbecue when we moved here in 2003. Many of my aquatic inspirations have its source coming

from looking down into the water life from this spot.

And there is sometimes a huge flame like from a fairytale dragon :) . If one is lucky, the otter appears doing water gymnastics tummy up in circles under the stars, the moon and the glowing flame.


New project 2020

A special event passing my workshop view.



Though working under horrible local working conditions, works are being made .






Corallo 2019

My pop up working place directly over the aquatic life

that I work with, and have worked with since at least the 90 thiees. Sadly the exhibiting plans for this room had to be put down because of our situation. But a lot of porcelain works have been made here.

Silver smoke panther Tarjei 2 years old poping up of  the german soda / beer bicyle basket, he loves to have

a snack in my pop up studio when I work there, he loves crabs and has no patience.

New showroom 2019 with the visiting white cat




Some of the earlier projects can be found under the

Images file.