Helene Kortner Ceramic Art

All rights are reserved the photographer and artist. And in Norway, BONO.

Welcome to the Ceramic Art of Helene Kortner





Sadly this page has a break at the moment because of the place we live in.

No photos will be taken and no projects made.

It has been on hold several times for about 1 1/2 years , after 15 years of serving as a professional page showing work nationally and internationally. Due to local trouble. Several projects have been interupted and destroyed for years now as a direct result of these local actions coming from the same family branches and connections.

Some of these events have threads back to when we moved in here. In total it is 15 years of trouble from time to time,with the same connections.

The page will be on hold.

Only updated if I wish so up on events in other places in Norway or abroad .

Work will take place in any case and then updated within the media forum of that particular project.

Projects prepared and made for this place have been taken off earlier years, this year and in future plans. 


Projects canseled are as following up until now.

These are in addition to those by invitationals from abroad and in other parts of Norway:

ATLANTIS , LA PERLA BAROCC ( new version since the last one was destroyed by these the same locals ), Grotto Smeraldo etc  ..... etc.Planned for this place this year.

I am so sorry about this,  but a performance / stunt project at this years great summer art event at " FERIEKOLONIEN " Summer 2018. USF VERFTET in BERGEN , NORWAY had to be canseled as well.

All because of one family / with connections in need of their usual particular local attentions or what ever it is :) .

So , like my family and friends so rightfully appoints.

Who or whom,will cower the costs and damages leagaly :). Now years back. .......

Well , at least not the muncipality we live in.They support the same ( their family)  persons in their party projects. Calling it CULTURE, what so ever........ ( and ohhh. I can mention this , since I have never asked or applied for anything in this area. Just payed my taxes. I knew right away by the attitude on different levels in this place that " get your work out of here ". So , to all tourists : Yes , the nature is great. But , this is also the fact of the rest of Norway, or Europe or further away.